Silver Peak and Kings Mountain

Production Sites in USA

We operate at different sites in the US.

In New Johnsonville we produce butyllithium as well as lithium-based and magnesiumbased organo-metallic compounds.

In Silver Peak, NV we produce lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide from brines.

Our Production Sites in North America

Kings Mountain, NC, USA

New products are developed at the pilot plant in Kings Mountain, NC, which has been in operation since 1997 and produces a wide range of new chemicals, including amides, hydrides and alkoxides.

At Kings Mountain, lithium bromide brine is manufactured for use in industrial absorption refrigerators as well as lithium bromide anhydrous for dehydrobromation reactions of organic compounds and as a conductive salt in lithium battery electrolytes. Lithium chloride brine is important for dehumidification in food and other industries where moisture control is critical. Other products at Kings Mountain include USP grade lithium carbonate for use in the treatment of bipolar disorders, reagent and high purity grades of lithium carbonate.

Albemarle is a leading manufacturer of lithium metal products for the lithium battery industry, including lithium ingot and lithium metal foils. Lithium in the form of lithium aluminate is produced in Kings Mountain. This form of lithium is used in fuel cells which electrochemically convert hydrogen and oxygen (from the air) into electricity and water.

New Johnsonville, TN, USA

Albemarle’s plant in New Johnsonville, Tennessee has been in operation since the early 1960s to produce normal and secondary butyllithium. To ensure reliability of supply to the customers this site has two separate butyllithium production facilities.

In addition to butyllithium, a specialty chemical plant has the ability to produce a wide range of organo-metallic compounds.

Silver Peak, NV, USA

In the 1960s, Foote pioneered the production of lithium carbonate from brine with the opening of the Silver Peak, NV plant. In 1984, the world’s richest commercial brine deposit went on stream at Salar de Atacama in the desert of northern Chile. Today, the Silver Peak and Salar de Atacama plants combine to produce in excess of 60 m mt of lithium carbonate equivalents per year.

In addition to lithium carbonate, Albemarle produces in Silver Peak special lithium hydroxide grades.