Secubags - Packaging for air and humidity sensitive products

Solvent Soluble SecuBag

SecuBags® are used for the packaging of our products that are sensitive to air and humidity. The chemical composition of SecuBags® is a mixture of styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) copolymers.

Packaging units are available in various quantities up to 5 kg content. The use of SecuBags® covers a wide range of chemical reactions.

Markets and Applications

SecuBags® are used for packaging of our products which need to be handled under exclusion of air and moisture.

A typical application area is the introduction of lithium aluminum hydride, sodium hydride, lithium borohydride, and similar products directly into a reactor.

SecuBag's® advantage is its solubility in nearly all common organic solvents; thus allowing a safe handling of highly reactive materials.


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