Zinc Salts in Organic Solvents

Other than lithium or magnesium reagents, zinc organometallics easily transmetalate on palladium-based catalysts and therefore find a wide use in Negishi-type cross-coupling protocols.

A convenient way to produce organo zinc species in-situ is by transmetalation. Starting from organo magnesium or lithium compounds, the respective zinc species is immediately formed upon the addition of a zinc salt such as zinc chloride or bromide.

Albemarle offers easy-to-handle solutions with a low water content, e.g. 10% zinc chloride in THF, 25% zinc chloride dissolved in 2-MeTHF, and also 30% zinc bromide solutions in THF, plus 25% zinc chloride with an addition of lithium bromide (ZnBr2 x LiBr) dissolved in dibutyl ether.