Potash: Markets and Applications


Potash (potassium chloride) is commonly used as fertilizer in the agricultural industry to enhance the productivity and the ability to grow healthy plants.

It improves water retention, yields, nutrient value, taste, color, texture and disease resistance of food crops. It has wide application to fruit and vegetables, rice, wheat, and other grains, sugar, corn, soybeans, palm oil, and cotton, all of which benefit from the nutrient’s quality-enhancing properties.

Potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are the three most important nutrients applied to crop growth. Among other nutrients, potassium is found to occur naturally in soils.

Other Applications and Markets

Potassium chloride is important in industrialized economies, where it is used

  • in aluminum recycling,
  • in the chloralkali industry to produce potassium hydroxide,
  • in metal electroplating,
  • as an oil-well drilling fluid,
  • in snow and ice melting,
  • in heat-treatment of steel,
  • and water softening.