Grignard Compounds / Organomagnesium Compounds

An expert for air-sensitive organometallic reagents, Albemarle offers a fascinating range of organomagnesium compounds. Our existing product portfolio covers a broad range of different alkylated- and arylated magnesium compounds, which are useful tools for C-C bond-forming reactions or deprotonation reactions. Organomagnesium compounds are broadly employed in pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrances, polymer and agrochemical applications.

Grignard Compounds / Organomagnesium Compounds

Grignard Compounds / Organomagnesium Compounds

Dibutylmagnesium is used as a metalating agent for amines, alcohols, and carboxylic acids as well as a reagent for the synthesis of Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems and a modifier of anionic polymerization initiation.

While already offering a wide range of products, Albemarle is also constantly developing new and innovative ones. Most importantly, Albemarle is able to support the specific, unique needs of each of its customers because of its extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of organolithium and organomagnesium chemistry. This experience includes both industrial and laboratory scale applications.


Purchasing ready-made Grignard solutions instead of producing them in-house helps avoid the well-known potential hazard of the Grignard formation reaction (accumulation, sudden start of reaction, high evolution of heat) and the handling of occasionally highly toxic halogenated hydrocarbons (e.g. vinyl chloride, methyl bromide), additionally freeing up reactor capacity for higher value products.

Our Experience - Your Advantage

We are a specialty chemicals manufacturer and recognized expert in the field of air-sensitive organometallic reagents for more than forty years, started to produce and market Grignard compounds at about 1980.

Not only has it kept extending the product range ever since; recently it introduced a new class of organomagnesium compounds to perform halogen/metal exchange reactions, the TurboGrignards.


Besides C-C coupling reagents Albemarle offers a new class of organomagnesium compounds for halogen-metal exchange reactions: the TurboGrignards. A mixture of secondary alkyl-magnesium chloride with LiCl in THF combines high reactivity with high functional group-tolerance in halogen-metal exchange reactions.


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Grignards in Green Solvents: 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran

Albemarle offers various organomagnesium compounds in 2-MeTHF. These solutions are typically higher concentrated compared to standard THF solutions and are even more crystallization-stable (< -10 °C).
2-MTHF provides a lot of advantages in the customer process application.