Albemarle started producing alkali alkoxides in the early 1970s and has been continuously expanding the product line ever since.

They are broadly employed as bases in organic synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Typical reactions are alkylation, arylations, solvolysis of esters and transesterifications.

Lithium Alkoxides

Albemarle offers lithium methoxide (powder and solution in methanol), lithium iso-propoxide (powder and solution) and lithium tert-butoxide (powder and solution).

Magnesium Alkoxides

Albemarle offers magnesium tert-butoxide powder and magnesium bis(2-ethylhexoxide), showing a high solubility in hydrocarbon solvents.

Potassium Alkoxides

Potassium tert-butoxide (solid and solution) is a strong non-nucleophilic base used in organic synthesis.

Sodium Alkoxides

Our product range includes sodium tert-amoxide (powder and solution) and sodium tert-butoxide (powder and solution).


Reactivity and selectivity can be varied by the organic group of the anion as well as by the metal cation. Our products are available either as solids or in solution, depending on the customer requirements.

Tailored reactivity and selectivity can be achieved by varying either the “organic” group of the alkoxide anion or the metal cation.

Influences on Base Strength and Nucleophilicity of Alkali Metal Alkoxides

Infl uences on Base Strength and Nucleophilicity of Alkali Metal Alkoxides