Other Metal Products

Albemarle also supplies other metal products like

  • Hafnium hydride,
  • Calcium hydride,
  • Magnesium powder.
Hafnium Hydride

Mixed with oxidizing agents, HfH2 is used as a constituent part in compositions for flares, fuzes, and combustion charges in pyrotechnics. HfH2 will also be used as an alloying constituent in powder metallurgy.

A good review on the variety of hafnium is given in an article in Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry1.

1[Peter Rittmeyer, Ulrich Wietelmann, Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim 2002].

Calcium Metal Products

We offer different grades of calcium hydride in lumps, granules, or powder form.

Calcium hydride is used primarily as a source of hydrogen, as a drying agent for liquids and gases, and as a reducing agent for metal oxides.

CaH2 as a Hydrogen Source

Calcium hydride serves as a convenient source of clean, though wet, hydrogen, by reaction with water in simple, low cost, lightweight generators. One pound of calcium hydride yields 17 cubic feet of hydrogen at standard temperature and pressure. By reacting with water, calcium hydride generates twice as much hydrogen as may be expected from its empirical formula according to the following reaction:
CaH2 + 2H2O → Ca(OH)2 + 2H2
This property is most useful in energy-storage applications.

CaH2 as a Drying Agent

Calcium hydride dries gases and liquids by means of an irreversible reaction with water, according to the equation shown above. By this reaction, 7 kg of CaH2 will remove 6 kg of water. Please keep in mind: 7 kg of CaH2 generate approx. 7 m3 of hydrogen when mixed with two equivalents of water.

Typical Industrial Drying with Calcium Hydride

Because of potentially dangerous reactions, CaH2 is not recommended for drying chlorinated or fluorinated carbon compounds.

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