Cesium Metal

Cesium metal is used in a variety of specialized applications such as atomic clocks, ionic sources, lamps, doping of fullerenes, atomic beam oscillators, photocells, thermoionic converters etc.

In elemental form, cesium is a soft, shiny, gold colored metal, which melts slightly above room temperature.

Although cesium has a large number of isotopes, naturally occurring cesium is exclusively the non-radioactive isotope 133cesium.

We offer different types and sizes of borosilicate glass ampoules to match your application - regular ampoules and such with a breakseal.


We supply ampoules with metal fillings of 1g, 5 g, 10g, 50g, and 100g, or optional steel containers holding larger quantities (> 1 kg).

The cesium metal is filled into the ampoules via distillation and stored under vacuum. The ampoules are made of borosilicate glass and are either normally shaped or equipped with a breakseal.

Breakseal Ampoules for Cesium Metal

Breakseal Ampoules for Cesium

Normal Ampoules for Cesium Metal

Normal Ampoules for Cesium Metal