Energetic Materials

Albemarle has pioneered the industrial use of special metals (zirconium metal powder, titanium metal powder, lithium, and barium) since the nineteen-fifties.

Today we offer our customers a large selection of high-quality metal products with various grades of zirconium metal powder, titanium metal powder as well as lithium and barium metal.

Our Expertise

Albemarle has long-standing experience in handling these sensitive products and provides professional advice for its customers on the potential dangers associated with the use of our products.

Analytical Methods

All of our products are manufactured at least under DIN EN ISO 9001 guidelines and are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and/or Certificate of Conformance (CoC). CoAs/CoCs show key impurities and/or performance-related physical parameters of our products.

Standard analytic procedures include ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS incl. FES and HGA, UV-VIS, IR, IC, GC, DSC, potentiometry, titrimetry, gravimetry, density measurements, RFA and others.

Titanium and Zirconium Metal Products

To guarantee the high quality of our titanium and zirconium products specific test methods are implemented:

  • Determination of Ti metal content and total Ti content by combustion (gain on ignition / oxidation value)
  • Calculation of Zr metal content and total Zr content by combustion
  • Determination of the ignition gain in Zr metal powders, powdered Zr/Ni alloys and ZrH2
  • Determination of the ignition point of titanium and zirconium metal powders
  • Determination of the combustion rate of titanium and zirconium metal powders
  • Determination of average particle size (according to Blaine)
  • Determination of hydrogen content of TiH2 or ZrH2 powder by dehydrogenation
  • Determination of the specific surface of powdered solids by BET measurements
  • Determination of zirconium and nickel content in Zr/Ni-alloys
  • Determination of grain size distribution by laser diffraction measurements
  • ICP-spectrometric determination of foreign atoms in Ti products
  • ICP-spectrometric determination of foreign atoms in Zr products

Should you consider our standard methods not to be sufficient to describe your product, we may offer additional or modified analytical methods on request.


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