Lithium Sulfide Pure Grade

Lithium Sulfide

Lithium Sulfide Pure Grade - Li2S PG

Albemarle is committed to support the development of future battery technologies. One of the key materials for an increased safety level of batteries at a concurrent opportunity for cost benefi ts are solid electrolytes. Here, the sulfide based are currently best performing ones.

Albemarle will serve the increasing demand for this battery component and thus has expanded its production capacities for the key compound, lithium sulfide pure grade Li2S PG.

After a successful commissioning of the new production line in our production site in Langelsheim, Germany, Albemarle offers lithium sulfide pure grade (Li2S PG) on a continuous basis from a pilot production plant. Annual production capacity is in the range of MT-level.

High Quality and Purity

The material has been designed to fulfill the high requirements needed for applications in lithium ion batteries.

The quality of Li2S from Albemarle is especially suitable for a variety of processes and applications in the energy storage sector because of the unique product characteristics:

  •  ultra low impurity profile
  •  free flowing
  •  easy to dose
  •  high lot-to-lot consistency.

The high quality of the Li2S PG is monitored by a complete set of analytical data. This is to underline the low impurity level. A specially designed control process in combination with our established quality management ensures the target quality.