Lithium Salts

Lithium salts such as lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide are chemicals from which nearly all other lithium compounds are derived.

These lithium salts are the basis for rechargeable batteries that serve a variety of uses ranging from electronic consumer goods to the latest electric vehicles.

As the need for batteries of higher power and capacity evolves, Albemarle will keep focused on providing not only a reliable source of supply, but also improved material quality grades. As far as lithium carbonate is concerned, we will continue to focus on efforts to provide higher purity levels as well as unique physical parameters. This will be done to meet the demands of cathode manufacturers

In 2012, Albemarle will be expanding its lithium-hydroxide capacity in the United States, producing material of the highest quality. 

Lithium Salts in Electrolytes

Lithium compounds which are used as conducting agents in electrolytes require a different purity grade and specific physical properties. We are able to fulfill these requirements and also provide customized solutions.