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LiBOB - High Performance Additive

LiBOB [Lithium bis-(oxalato)borate] belongs to a family of thermally stable chelatoborate salts. Unlike conventional fluorinated conductive salts such as LiPF6 or LiBF4, non-toxic LiBOB works as a multifunctional electrolyte component.

The low nucleophilicity of the BOB anion leads to a high degree of dissociation and an unusually high Li-ion transference number.

The halide free product can be employed both as performance additive in standard LiPF6 based electrolytes as well as full conductive salt for lithium batteries. Its unique film forming properties cover and protect graphite anode surfaces.

Further benefits result from its unique film-forming properties, which consists in covering and protecting the graphite anode. LiBOB builds up a thin, corrosion-inhibiting, stable passivation layer on aluminum, which is used as a current collector on the cathode. Both effects will improve the durability and safety of the entire battery.

LiBOB abg - advanced battery grade

The new quality advanced battery grade LiBOB abg has improved filtration properties to ease the electrolyte manufacturing process while keeping unchanged superior electrochemical characteristics.

Key Benefits of LiBOB

  • Excellent performance vs. LiFePO4 and NMC type materials
  • Reduced leaching of Mn from spinel based cathode active materials
  • Improved overcharge protection
  • Higher safety against mechanical abuse
  • Extended operational lifetime at elevated temperature

LiBOB Additive Application

  • Most advanced halogen-free performance additive available
  • High performance additive:
    high ionic conductivity combined with improved safety by protective SEI formation
  • Sufficient solubility in a large variety of solvents; EC is no longer mandatory for protective SEI formation