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Lithium Sulfide

Rockwood Lithium has successfully started the new production plant for lithium sulfide at our production site in Langelsheim (Germany).

A significant improvement of the safety and energy density of lithium ion batteries, especially focusing on xEV applications is achieved by all-solid-state batteries with a possible volumetric energy densities above 800 Wh/L. Especially next generation technologies based on lithium metal as anode active material and/or sulfur as active cathode compound will be enabled by new approaches using solid electrolytes.

Sulfide-based solid electrolytes exhibit the currently best possible performance reaching conductivities close to liquid electrolytes of the current generation LiB. A key component for the development and production of the solid electrolytes is lithium sulfide. Rockwood Lithium developed the lithium sulfide pure grade Li2S PG quality and has successfully commissioned the new production plant at our production site in Langelsheim (Germany); Li2S PG quality features an ultra-low impurity profile with unique product qualities:

  • ultra low impurity profile
  • free flowing
  • easy to dose
  • lot-to-lot consistency.

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