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Arfvedson Schlenk Award 2017

The Arfvedson Schlenk Award 2017 has been awarded to Dr. Jan Klett for his remarkable achievements in providing an enhanced understanding of mixed organometallic alkali metal base systems.

Jan Klett currently holds the position of an independent junior research group leader at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz/Germany. He investigated the formation of organometallic aggregates from lithium amides and organolithium compounds and elucidated the structure of the mixed complexes formed. A tetrameric monolithiated cyclopentadiene complex can be dilithiated with butyllithium in the presence of sterically hindered Li-amides. Recently he developed and characterized new hydrocarbon-soluble super bases.  By combining structurally similiar neopentyl-  and tert-butoxy groups, substitutional disorder is induced preventing crystallization as it is the case for the hitherto known Lochmann Schlosser super bases. The homogenous solutions of Klett’s bases, e.g. a mixture of neopentyllithium and potassium tert-butoxide, are stable at room temperature. Important effects on the performance of these polar reagents in organic transformations are to be expected.

The Award ceremony will take place in Berlin, Germany on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 12th 2017 in the context of the Wöhler annual meeting. Berlin is this year’s venue of the German Chemistry Society’s (GDCh) biennial Science Forum, which celebrates the 150’ies birthday of the GDCh and which stands under the motto “Chemistry moves”.

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