Albemarle offers various products to improve the physical and chemical properties of metals and alloys.


Adding zirconium or ZrH2 to steel alloys will improve the high temperature stability of such alloys.


By adding barium metal to Pb-alloys the strength will be increased. Barium metal has deoxidizing and reducing properties as well.


Titanium metal powder is applied as a raw material for the production of titanium parts by metal injection molding. Titanium has an influence on magnetic hysteresis. Our titanium metal powders and TiH2 powders are therefore used for the production of AlNiCo magnets. Titanium metal powder is also utilized as a deoxidizing agent in powder metallurgy, for reactive solders and brazes (e.g. joining glass or ceramics to metals).

Besides serving alloying purposes, Ti/Cu alloys are also useful for covering non-metals with a metallization coating.


Calcium hydride at high temperatures reduces refractory oxides to the metals.


Lithium forms many alloys with other metals such as lead, copper, silver, magnesium, silicon, and aluminum. The alloys most commonly used in current aerospace applications are lithium aluminum alloys containing 1-3 weight % of lithium. These materials generate weight savings of 5%, increased stiffness up to 7%, and increased strength of up to 30% relative to conventional non-lithium containing aluminum alloys.


Spodumene from Albemarle is used in  anti-veining additives for the production of core sands in the foundry industry. "Veining" appears as undesired edges on the surface of an iron casting that have to be removed manually. Veins result from a crack formded in a silica sand core or mold into which hot liquid metal seeps. The use of lithia reduces the stress of thermal expansion and thus the tendency to crack formation. 

In steel castings, the addition of lithia to continuous casting powders provides thermal insulation and lubricates the surface of the steel in the continuous casting process. It is also used in the production of foundry feeders. 


Further Solutions

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