Social Responsibility

Beyond our responsibility for all activities related to our core business, Albemarle is engaged in numerous projects that show our social responsibility.

Examples for our Social Engagement

In Langelsheim, Germany, for example, we regularly invite people living in our neighborhood to open house presentations, to discuss environmental issues and show them what our production looks like. We take part in school projects or exhibitions, which are supposed to inspire young people to enter technical professions.

In Kings Mountain, NC, we donated easements for a Greenway trail and recreational uses.

Close to our major raw materials resource in the Atacama Desert in Chile we constantly contribute to the local infrastructure in Peine town. Peine was connected to the Albemarle power house, providing electricity 24 hours per day. In the e-learning facilities Albemarle at the Peine camp we train our workers as well as students from the local school.

Research & Development Sponsorships

Albemarle supports university research and development by donating chemicals to university laboratories. The Arfvedson-Schlenk Award is a prize for outstanding contributions to lithium research. Albemarle funds battery research at the University of Münster (Germany) as well as the establishment of a professorship for battery technology to facilitate building up a battery industry in Chile. In addition, Albemarle sponsors several scientific conferences.

Albemarle Foundation

Albemarle and our employees and retirees have long shared a rich history of financial generosity and enthusiastic volunteerism. In 2007, to continue our focus on supporting sustainable communities, Albemarle created the Albemarle Foundation®, an endowed 501(c)(3) entity that serves as the primary source and mechanism for our philanthropic giving. Learn more about Albemarle Foundation!