Environment Protection, SHE

Health, Safety & Environment

Governance and Safety Stewardship

We are deeply committed to the well-being of all affected by our activities. Our goal is to maintain an incident-free, secure and healthy workspace for all. As a company and as individuals, we will take personal responsibility for safety and are committed to ensuring that we cause no harm to ourselves, our co-workers or the communities in which we operate. Conducting business in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner is our ethical responsibility and we will comply with all applicable legal requirements and company policies and procedures. We will be empowered to elevate issues to the appropriate level to ensure proper focus and resources are provided in the event we anticipate or must respond to any issue. If necessary, we will discontinue operations in order to take corrective actions and improve conditions before they lead to incidents, and no one will undertake any
task unless it can be done in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We adhere to the principles and expectations of Responsible Care® in our daily operations.

Social Responsibility

We will extend our health, safety, security and environmental philosophy beyond the workplace and seek opportunities to advocate this philosophy in our neighborhoods, in transit and at home. We will endeavor to make a positive impact in our communities through the Albemarle Foundation™ which actively supports the cornerstones of sustainability: education, health and social services, cultural initiatives and volunteerism.

Green Chemistry Principles, Product Safety and Environmental Obligations

It is our obligation and privilege to protect and preserve the environment. We will strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance and will measure our performance against our top performing peers. All of us, from business development to line management, will reduce emissions caused by our operations by optimizing raw material, energy and water usage. We will consider product safety and environmental impact issues of our products throughout the entire life cycle, including inception, design, development, manufacture, storage, transportation, distribution, marketing, use and disposal. We will be responsive to the concerns of our stakeholders and actively seek participation by them in our programs. We will continually search for innovative and sustainable ways to develop solutions that meet environmental and societal needs today and for generations to come.

People and Development

Our greatest asset is our people. We will invest time, energy and money to ensure our employees have the necessary understanding, education, expertise and training to perform tasks in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We will improve the future by learning from the past. We will collaborate to share information and implement best practices across our organization. We will encourage our employees to perform at their highest potential, empowering them to prevent accidents or incidents before they happen.

Financial Performance

We will make wise investments in our facilities that improve operational efficiencies and ensure compliance with health, safety and environmental policies and standards. Incremental savings are never justified if they create a potential risk to people, property or products. We will continue to seek opportunities to invest in our facilities in a way that promotes enhanced processes and ensures a positive health, safety, security and environmental impact to all of our stakeholders.