Albemarle is proud of its performance of protecting employees, customers, neighbors and the local environment where we operate.

This success is a direct result of our commitment of our employees and the contribution of our sustainability-related activities. Our Safety and Health Policy commits us to take practical steps to prevent work and product-related accidents, injuries, and health effects. Through our Environmental Policy, our subsidiaries commit us to limit the effects of our activities on the environment whenever possible.

We believe that the realization of these basic principles is necessary for the long-term viability of Albemarle. Sustainable organizations practice product and environmental stewardship. We recognize that employee safety and health is a crucial success factor.

Therefore, we have established the following long-term strategic sustainability goals to guide our activities:

  • Prevent all injuries in the workplace.
  • Reduce our overall environmental impact.
  • Deliver industry leading products that use environmentally sound technologies and techniques.

In line with these goals Albemarle has developed a framework for Sustainability management that guides us and enables site managers to develop and maintain effective local Sustainability management systems. Throughout the organization our employees are committed and involved in Sustainability efforts that promote improvement in Sustainability performance.


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