Quality & Compliance

The quality of Albemarle's products, processes and services, in addition to safety and environmental protection play a central role in the corporate policy. We consider this an important element of our responsibility towards our customers, employees, the wider society, and the environment.

Quality Management System - Lithium & Advanced Materials

Albemarle's commitment to quality is demonstrated by the company's ability to meet customer requirements, its core values and its commitment to environmental protection.

To ensure that our Lithium & Advanced Materials Organization correctly recognises these constantly changing needs and takes appropriate action, we operate a quality management system based on relevant quality standards such as ISO 9001. Additional specific standards are relevant for certain branches such as for the pharmaceutical industries. Each production site of Albemarle's Lithium Businesses worldwide has achieved registration against one or more of these quality standards. Added to this, ever more companies / sites are being awarded certification to the environmental management system ISO 14001.

High Level of Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection

The certificates confirm that Albemarle's Lithium & Advanced Materials Business has reached a high level of quality, safety and environmental protection. All our employees endeavour to further improve the group's performance in these areas. This process is supported by Albemarle through continuous human resources development, amongst others.

It is the company's management commitment to regularly audit the performance of our quality and environmental management system and to ensure continuous improvement.

If you have any product related questions regarding our quality management, please contact your local sales organisation.