Transport & Logistics

In our global sales and marketing organization, a team of experienced chemists and commercial specialists is always on hand to advise our customers on issues relating to the

  • transport,
  • storage,
  • properties and
  • application

of our products.

Depending on the quantities required, lithium salts can be shipped in various forms of packaging, including drums, paper and super sacks, and bulk trucks.

Safe Transportation

Air- and moisture-sensitive organometallic and hydride solutions are shipped in returnable steel containers which meet all the regulatory requirements and allow the easy and safe transfer of the products.

Containers from 5 l up to rail tank cars with a capacity of 40 m3 are available.

If requested, Albemarle will fill each cylinder with a dedicated amount of reagent in line with customers’ needs. Empty cylinders are returned with no cleaning or disposal costs. Glass bottles are available for laboratory quantities.

One solution for the safe handling of air and moisture-sensitive solids, such as hydrides and alkoxides, involves the SecuBag which disintegrates in all commonly-used solvents.

Further Technical Support

Experienced technical specialists at our marketing centers in Europe, the USA and Asia are on hand to discuss technical problems of any kind with our customers.

If appropriate, potential customers are invited to visit our facilities to see how we handle sensitive compounds, or alternatively our dedicated staff will advise customers on how to design their own production facilities.

We will also be glad to discuss possible ways of using new products on the basis of our expertise.