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Albemarle’s businesses historically emerged from the combination of expertise in chemistry and metallurgy. Albemarle mainly sells customized packages of products and services. The company’s product portfolio is based on continuous research and development of leading edge technologies.

High performing products combined with Albemarle’s dedication to providing the best technical service and support to its customers have allowed it to establish excellent market positions in its fields of activity.



Frankfurt-based Metallgesellschaft founded the Technische Abteilung (TA). Among others, one objective was to reflect the latest technical and industrial developments and to adjust Metallgesellschaft’s corporate planning accordingly.


Development of 'Bahnmetall', also called 'Lurgi metal', used as a material for the bearings in trains.


Improvement of 'Bahnmetall' by the addition of lithium. This was the first time ever that lithium salts were produced on an industrial scale.


TA established a separate lithium division in view of the ever increasing applications for lithium compounds.


As of October 1st, Metallgesellschaft contributed the 'Technische Kernverfahren Division' into Chemetall, Gesellschaft für chemisch-technische Verfahren mbH.


Chemetall GmbH was integrated into Dynamit Nobel which became part of Metallgesellschaft in the same year.


Acquisition of the US lithium specialist Cyprus Foote.


Chemetall group acquired by Rockwood Holdings, Inc.


Chemetall's lithium, cesium and special metals business started trading globally under the new name Rockwood Lithium. Chemetall GmbH's respective businesses were spin-off into Rockwood Lithium GmbH.


The headquarters of Rockwood Lithium GmbH moved within Frankfurt from the Trakehner Straße to the Industriepark Höchst.


In May 2014 Rockwood Lithium acquired a 49% share in Talison Lithium Pty Ltd.
Talison is the leading spodumene producer with the largest and richest spodumene mine in the world.


Rockwood Holdings, Inc., parent company of Rockwood Lithium, acquired by Albemarle Corporation.


Rockwood Lithium adopts the Albemarle brand.